Charity overview

The Fair Credit Charity (Charity no. 1161809) is the new name for the Charity owners of ethical lender Fair for You Enterprise, a Community Interest Company (CIC) funded by social investment and the Government’s dormant assets scheme to provide low-cost credit to low-income families.  In doing so, the CIC fulfils one of the Charity’s key objectives: to alleviate poverty through better credit provision.

The Charity was originally set-up in 2015, and at the time was also called Fair for You (Fair for You Ltd).  But as the charity and the CIC grew, to reduce confusion, it was decided to change the Charity’s name and to give it a broader role.  In addition to overseeing the activities of the CIC, the charity also seeks to influence how the financial sector lends to lower-income individuals as well as lobbying for greater recognition of the impacts of high-interest and predatory lending and the poverty premium.