Welcome To Fair Credit Charity

Our mission is to alleviate poverty through better credit solutions for lower income households.

17.5m people in the UK are in ‘financially vulnerable circumstances’.

Over 20 million adults are currently under-served by high street lenders.

14.6m UK adults are not coping financially or finding it difficult to cope.

We are driven by a belief that society has a responsibility to lend better.

Our Objectives

We have four key objectives:

  1. We help relieve poverty by offering fair, affordable credit to low income households to purchase household essential goods. This is through the award-winning social lender Fair for You CIC which we own outright.
  2. We provide social impact reporting and we share that learning with peers and stakeholders, to influence the wider credit market.
  3. We campaign for better credit solutions that meet the borrowing need of lower income families.
  4. We educate key stakeholders on the issues facing those families, the real costs of borrowing, and the benefits of better credit solutions.

About Us

We firmly believe that fair credit keeps families out of poverty and not trapped within it.

We are a UK and Scottish registered charity. We changed our name to Fair Credit Charity in 2022, having originally been called Fair for You Ltd.

The reason for the name change was to avoid confusion with the social lender that we own and oversee, Fair for You CIC, and to clarify our broader and distinct role.

If you’re looking to find out about applying for a loan, please visit FairforYou.co.uk.